Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gear train layout

Here is a short video showing all the gears in this design. It is missing the supports and pins, but it's the majority of the final servo. The gears appear to be moving a little funky but that is because the motor is spinning at 4000rpm and Inventor is having a hard time rendering it.

For size comparison here is my servo on top of a standard HITEC servo.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am finally back from the Solar Splash Competition in Arkansas, I got in at 3am and after some sleep I started right back up with the servos.

I have been narrowing my search for gears, and came across some nice gear stock from WM BERG(link below). These bars are 10" long and cost about $10 for a length. Meaning that if you were to use .38" of stock on each gear it would cost you 38 cents per gear. There are 2 of these gears (one 10 tooth and one 20 tooth) so that's 76 cents for this portion of the gear train, plus ~$1 for each motor; so with the motor and 2/3 of the gear train we are still under 2 dollars for each servo. The following still needs to be finished:

1. The main carrier plate needs to be finished so i can calculate cost.
2. The main gear/output shaft needs to be designed
3. The control circuitry

I should be able to get the carrier plate finished by the end of the week.