Monday, September 7, 2009

Updates and size comparisons

It's been one hell of a first week back at school, and it does not appear that the workload will be easing anytime soon so I decided to get a bit of work done on these servos. I'm running through the assembly/disassembly and manufacturing side of the project to make sure these will work properly. Below you will find a comparison of the original servo block with standard sized servos and a block utilizing my servos; the size difference is considerable. I am sure some of you are wondering "Why the hell do you need 20 servos?!?"... Actually i need 24 but the other 4 need to have much more torque so I will be designing them later =). Now that I am back at the university I have access to the sheet metal shop so i should be able to whip up a prototype within the month (Hopefully).